2 September 2014

Blood Day by Sarah Butland

Title: Blood Day
Author: Sarah Butland
Pages: 17 (Short Story)
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Book Description: 
I've always been told we all bleed red, take breaths, and die if poisoned so I often wondered why I wasn't dead yet.

In this glimpse of the life of someone who just isn't what the books say she should be, we try to understand what it means to be human, a person and fit in with the expectations that surround us.

Blood Day contains more fantasy than is to be expected from Sarah Butland, the mystery of a world we don't know is strong enough to make this a brilliant read.

I wanted to take the time to thank Sarah Butland for sending me a copy of this eBook! I really enjoyed reading this short story and it's certainly expanded my reading genres.
If you're an author and have written any books, I'd be happy to read and review them. Don't hesitate to contact me but check out my review policy first! (http://jennieelouisee.blogspot.co.uk/p/review-policy.html) Thank you for your time. 
Now onto the review!

My Opinion: 
Considering this book was a short story, I found this book quite good. I don't read many short stories so this was a nice easy read.

I really enjoyed the fantasy aspect hidden within the normal, everyday life of Veronica. There were many things I didn't expect which was intriguing.

There were a lot of really nice quotes in this story and I've listed a few below!

I sort of wish the story had been longer as I felt like there was a lot more to be said and the story could have been expanded, however I do realise it was meant to be a short read!

I didn't take me long to read this book so I recommend it to anyone who is looking for something quick and easy yet dark and odd to read. I advise people who like short stories or people who are looking to broaden their reading genres to read this!

 Favourite Quotes:

When I was a young girl I had discovered my love for contrasts and couldn't ever conform to what society expected


Wishes were like night dreams, plentiful but not sought after


Writer's often say their characters are not part of themselves but are themselves and that writing is simply thinking on paper


The time dictated by society was not of my concern

Rating ★ 

 3 out of 5 stars 

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