17 November 2015

I'm Back!

Hello everyone,

I'm awfully sorry that I haven't been active these last months. I'm still in college at the moment so I've had many exams to revise for. I'm in my last year at college now, so although I still have exams in June to study for, I feel that I have more time to read and review books! Besides, I haven't stopped reading so I have many pre-written reviews to publish, meaning I'll hopefully still be posting content despite not having enough time to read later in the year!

Book blogging is a hobby of mine however I found that trying to write and post weekly reviews, reading and studying for 4 subjects was becoming a lot of effort and this started to get stressful. I decided to take a break but now I feel like I have the time! I hope you understand.

If any of you are still around and following me, I really appreciate your faith. I'm going to be posting reviews weekly from now on! Please share and remind people that I'm still alive;)

Thanks again, see you next week with a new review!