31 March 2015

Killing The Dead by Marcus Sedgwick

Title: Killing The Dead
Author: Marcus Sedgwick
Pages: 117
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal
Book Description:
Set in a girls' boarding school in Massachusetts a haunting and sinister YA story for World Book Day from prize-winning author Marcus Sedgwick.
1963. Foxgrove School near Stockbridge, Massachusetts. One of the oldest and finest academies in the country - but what really goes on behind closed doors? Nathaniel Drake, the new young English teacher, Isobel Milewski, the quiet girl who loved to draw spirals, her fingers stained with green ink, Jack Lewis, who lent Isobel books - just words, just ink on paper, Margot Leya, the girl with those eyes - who are they, what part have they played in killing the dead? 
Follow the dark, dark path Into the dark, dark woods To the dark, dark bridge By the dark, dark water. Linger. Let the ghosts of heaven tell their story. A stylish and creepy story for World Book Day from prize-winning author Marcus Sedgwick

My Opinion: 
I read White Crow by Marcus back in high school and I remember really enjoying it so for World Book Day I decided to use my £1 token on this! It's a really short book so I managed to read it in an hour!

It was a really good short story. There was a lot of mystery in the beginning and it was quite dark which are two genres I really enjoy.
There was a really shocking and powerful twist at the end that I was not expecting at all. I thought the ending was going to be really predicable but it wasn't at all so that was awesome!

The only thing I disliked was how the narrative's perspectives switched between the chapters because it was a little confusing and because the book was so short, I didn't really have time to get used to it.

Altogether I would definitely recommend this. Because it's so short, you could read it really quickly to just pass the time and it would be very worth while. I think short stories are one of the hardest forms of fiction to write and Marcus did a really good job!

Favourite Quotes:

Just ink on paper, that's all books are, just ink on paper


The most important person in this story is the one you'll never meet

Rating ★
4 out of 5 stars 

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